When is your shop updated?

The shop will be updated regularly. Sign up for email updates at the bottom of the page to hear about new items and sales/promotions first!

What is your dyeing process?

I do my best to represent the colors and dyeing technique but, because we hand-dye in small batches, there is some colorway variance. Please be aware that listing photos may differ slightly when viewed on different devices. If you have any questions about the colorway, I’m happy to answer questions and provide additional photos, if needed.

The yarn is acid-dyed. Once the dye has set in the yarn fibers, all skeins are washed and rinsed before they make their way to you!

How should I care for my yarn before and after I create something?

While not expected, some bleeding may occur when washing, so hand washing in cold water is recommended to avoid future bleeding and to extend the life of your finished piece!

It is recommended that you presoak the yarn before beginning your project.

Due to the natural colorway variance that is inherent to hand-dyed yarn, alternating rows between two skeins can help ensure a more cohesive color throughout your project.

Can you tell me more about your shipping policies?

All orders are shipped via USPS. Unfortunately, we do not have full control of USPS operations—packages could be delayed as they make their way to you, or could be lost. I see the same tracking information as you but I will do my best to answer questions/provide the information I have.

***Free shipping in the US for orders $35 and up***
All orders are shipped via USPS. If you live outside the US and are interested in placing an order, please reach out! We are open to expanding shipping options based on demand.

***Sustainable packaging***
We work to use compostable or recycled packaging and shipping materials. We hope you will reuse or recycle these materials once they reach you!

Looking for more details on the shop's custom items?

We want you to love your custom item and be able to enjoy it for a long time. We're available and ready to collaborate with you before and during the creation process. if you receive your custom item and it’s not all that you hope, we can collaborate on alterations or we can process a return. Yarn never goes to waste around here!

***Returns and Refunds***
Please reach out if there is a problem with your order and we will do our best to correct any issues. We want everyone to be happy with their orders! If you have any questions before placing an order, please email us.